FIWOO is an open and collaborative project. We seek to create a community around Open technologies and standards that will help us share our philosophy. For this purpose, FIWOO has three partnership options:

Early Adopter

Are you a city council or an organization that wants to test our technology in a controlled environment? Do you want to be on the cutting edge of Smart City technology? Sign up to be an early adopter of FIWOO and create with us the future of a connected world.


Are you a technology company that wants to sell next generation smart city solutions? Do you have a mature sales channel to cities? Join our reseller program and benefit from the advantages of FIWOO. Offer your customers an open, scalable and growing technology.

Technology Integrator

Are you a company with smart city solutions and want to integrate them into our platform? Do you have applications already developed for mobility, waste collection, infrastructure, etc… and want to be part of our ecosystem? Join our Developer Program.