FIWOO at the 4th Spanish Smart Cities Congress

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The 4th Spanish Smart Cities Congress took place in Madrid during two days (3oth and 31st May 2018). The congress promoted knowledge exchange and experiences on Smart Cities in Spain, with the use of technology and innovation as the basic tools for its development.

To do this, it addresses the main themes related to the Smart City in a transversal, multidisciplinary and multisectoral way, showing initiatives that are currently being developed in Spain. The event, has been already consolidated as the main professional forum and reference on the subject, allows people to know the urban, social, technical, legal and opportunities in the Smart Cities.

A communication about FIWOO was accepted and published at the congress communications book.

FIWOO is a platform based on FIWARE and other open source technologies, following the latest European open standards for Smart City Platforms in terms of communication protocols, data management, access control, security, robustness, and interoperability.

FIWOO is designed as a modular system made of (micro)services, which provide independent functionalities and work together for high-level features. This structure eases maintenance and the integration of new services. Its cloud-based distributed architecture makes the overall platform robust, fault-tolerant and scalable.

FIWOO follows standard protocols to provide different communication models between things and users (M2M, M2M2H, H2M, H2H), maximizing the benefits of each interaction. The platform is accessed through secure user authentication and permissions are managed with configurable roles. Data is stored encrypted in the big data cluster and privacy is guaranteed by implementing the latest technologies and procedures, according to the GDPR.

FIWOO delivers open and fully documented datasets and APIs. Any authorized party wanting to use them can do so, allowing the creation of new applications and services by and for cities, citizens and other organizations. FIWOO’s MarketPlace will centralize all solutions and services developed, building a community to ensure quality and sustainability.

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