FIWOO, the first FIWARE-based IoT-Editor Platform

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FIWOO, the first IoT-Editor platform based on FIWARE in the market, that helps you to design your IoT ecosystem thanks to a Cloud platform with a simple user interface. It allows the connection of your data, applications, devices, sensors and all kinds of hardware, in a single environment.

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Build your Platform, no code.

FIWOO is the first IoT-Editor on the market, which allows users to create any entity within the whole system without the need for computer knowledge. Everything you see can be created without a single line of code.


Any user can create their panels, connect their devices, and even generate intelligent rules through a simple graphic interface.

Use cases.

Build your own verticals with FIWOO and apply them in different areas easily, without the need for computer knowledge and without using code.

From Data to Knowledge.

FIWOO gets value from IoT data, through intelligent tools and custom apps.

  • Data & Devices

  • FIWOO allows to connect, manage and interact with devices in real time, regardless of the communication protocal they use. Data is normalized in NGSI standar.

  • Information

  • FIWOO can easily build different types of dashboards that run on multiple devices, offer data in diverse kinds of charts, graphs or maps, show online historical, filter and sort data dynamically and drill down into data to find a new relations.

  • Knowledge

  • FIWOO allows Machine Learning analysis of different online and historical data, broadcasting them to alert or act in real time, as well as discover new patterns in historical data, detect cause-effect situations, find hidden insights and create reports based on business intelligence.

FIWOO acquires, collects and structures data in real time.

Through devices and sensors, it makes decisions based on that data and context information, relates different verticals in a whole and acts intelligently to solve complex problems.

FIWARE IoT Platform

Based on FIWARE.

FIWOO is based on FIWARE, so it owes its success to an open philosophy. FIWARE is the standart of the European Union and one of the “Building Blocks” or enabling technologies of the EU that use the collective intelligence and traction that this community provides through its Context Broker. 

We are part of the board of directors of the FIWARE Foundation, and collaborate with the entire community to enhance the development of IoT platforms based on international standards


FIWOO to different domains.

  • Fiwoo Smart City.

  • FIWOO as city brain, receiving information from different urban services, analyzing it and making decisiones in real-time. A new step forward data-driven policy-making. With FIWOO, cities will take control of city data, using it to enhance people lives. Politicians will have more real-time information and knowledge about city reality, and could reacts ant take more efficient decisions.

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  • Fiwoo Smart Port.

  • Takes port management to a new level with the integration of IoT with BlockChain. FIWOO enables reliable transactions in a decentralized environment with inmutable and auditable data and applications. Digitizing the port will get real-time control of what happens, and FIWOO provides the technology to make this possible. Having all the information in their hands, managers will be able to take the correct decisions. 

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  • Fiwoo Smart Industry.

  • FIWOO as a technological base for your industry’s digitalization. Provision and manage devices and assets. Collect and visualize data. Process and React. Take control of the production in real-time with a general vision of your factory. The right decisions can be made, combining data from different sources to predict futures circumstances about production, suppliers or clients. 

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  • Fiwoo Smart Buildings.

  • Smart Homes to improve home care for people with health problems. With sensors and home health monitoring devices, users can connect to teleassitance systems, creating a two-way communication channel with health profesionals. New policies on care for the elderly are betting on home care. This requires a platform that monitors in real-time what is happening in their homes. 

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