Phase 2 Midterm for SELECT for Cities project

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The midterm review of Select4Cities has taken place in Brussels. At the middle of the second phase, a delegation headed by Carlos Corrales, Project Manager of FIWOO and COO in Secmotic and Sara Madariaga, CDO (Chief Data Officer), has moved to the Belgian capital to show the progress of FIWOO developed by the formed consortium Secmotic, Bosonit, Emergya and JIG.

SELECT for Cities is a competition which has 3 phases to find the company or consortium and to design and develop an IoE platform for smart urban innovation. In this first phase, the consortium made up of Bosonit, Emergya, JIG and Secmotic are finishing to develop FIWOO.

Two representatives of the Consortium (Sara Madariaga from Bosonit and Carlos Corrales from Secmotic) have defended the FIWOO technology to the evaluators representing the cities of Copenhagen, Helsinki and Antwerp, during more than 2 hours of presentation and questions

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