Starting the Phase 2 for SELECT for Cities project

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The competition for achieving the last phase to the SELECT for Cities project starts today. For those, who does not know this project, Select for Cities it is a competition which has 3 phases to find the company or consortium and to design and develop an IoE platform for smart urban innovation. In this second phase, the consortium made up of Bosonit, Emergya, JIG and Secmotic starts the develpment of the FIWOO Platform.

FIWOO is based on FIWARE technology and has its own Geographic Information System (GIS). It will be integrated with the different city systems for which new Machine Learning algorithms and Big Data analysis will be developed, which will lead to the generation of high added value information and the implementation of innovative applications to serve local governments and their citizens.

The objective of the SELECT for Cities initiative, divided into 3 phases, is to validate the platform presented by the companies in 2 pilot projects in 2 different countries in the cities of Antwerp (Belgium) and Helsinki (Finland). The city of Copenhagen (Denmark) is one of the promoters of the initiative and also forms part of the proposal selection committee.

At the end of March and the end of June, we will defend our FIWOO platform in Brussels and Helsinki, respectively.

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