A paradigm change.

All IoT platforms have “verticals” designed and focused on solving specific use cases and needs.


Many of these platforms develop specific verticals for each use case, and for their construction it is necessary to involve the software development team.


FIWOO goes a step further and changes this paradigm. In our IoT-Editor platform it is the users who connect devices and create the verticals, instead of the software companies. IoT-Editor is a novel concept that implies that the user can custom-build the vertical he or she needs how and when he or she wants.


Here are some user-created verticals. Like them, you can also create your own, or we can even leave it ready for you. The difference is that we will always use “no-code” technologies, that is, without the need to program a single line of code.

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Smart Mobility

Smart Environment

Smart Security

Smart Parking

Create end-to-end solutions with FIWOO.

  • Integration of a wide range of smart devices, sensors, gateways, video cameras, actuators.
  • Creation of customized dashboards thanks to a large library of editable widgets for real-time operation and data monitoring.
  • High customization capacity and high parameterization flexibility, allowing to define different types of alerts, automatic actions and notifications based on the collected data.
  • Quick and easy deployment, highly scalable solution that allows efficient management.
  • Visualization dashboards and dynamic filtering and search tools that provide operational statistics and support decision making.

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