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In the links below you will find information to evaluate the features of the FIWOO platform.

How to add a user in FIWOO.

In a simple, comfortable and interactive way, add a user to our FIWOO IoT platform

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How to add a group of users in FIWOO.

Create your user group to manage and get an overview of your organization.

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How to add a role in FIWOO.

Introduction guide on how to add roles to give specific permissions on our platform.

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How to add a devices in FIWOO.

This guide will help you to register your devices in FIWOO IoT Platform.

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How to create rules in FIWOO.

With FIWOO IoT Platform you can set up rules and actions that trigger from your IoT device data.

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How to add Open Data external data in FIWOO.

Learn how to add any external data and formats to link, download and publish any open data repository in our IoT Platform.

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How to add ETL process with external data in FIWOO.

Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) is the process that allows organisations to move data from multiple sources, reformat, cleanse, and load it into another database is now available on our FIWOO IoT platform.

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How to create Widgets on the dashboard of FIWOO.

Configure your dashboard through a large library of predefined, fully customisable and editable widgets that allow you to display any specific data.

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