Smart Ports

Manage your port.

The heart of Port Management.

FIWOO helps you to transform your port to make into the port of the future: connected, intelligent, safe, green and integrated into the city, gathering and managing data of the different agents and port activities.

Connect with the IoT

The smart port is completely automated. All devices are connected through the IoT. The main drivers of intelligent ports are productivity and increased efficiency, and more and more are taking this iniciative all over the world.


Digital Port .

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Smart Port 02
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Smart Port 07

Digital Platform for Port Logistic Services.

Visualize the ports of the future like connected , smart, secure, green and integrated ports into the city, adressing the design and development of an innovative modular platform to provide interface optimization solutions between sea-port-city, that add value to improve efficiency and optimize logistic processes between actors involved in the port environment, such as Big Data, the IoT, Artificial Intelligence, 3D GISC, Blockchain, Open Data and Cloud

From the digital port to the Smart port.

An intelligent port can get information from almost any connected physical object, integrating it into a whole from which to extract knowledge and make decisions in real time.

Develop an intelligent solution that solves traffic and comercial flows in order to optimize the influx of information and manage efficiently the comercial flows in your port.

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