Smart Cities

Feel your City.

Look at your city in another way.

FIWOO is the Smart Cities platform of citizen-centric services that offers a complete easy-to-use software and hardware product, which managers obtain a global and integrated vision of their city, improving citizens’ quality of life and reducing environmental impact.

Listen your citizens.

FIWOO allows applying data-based policies, analyzing and automating responses in real-time while gathering information from all over the city, creating active communication channels with citizens to solve their mobility, health or safety needs, among others. 

Your Government based on the data.

FIWOO has a comprehensive Scorecard that will allow the monitoring of the objectives in a systematic manner, involving all levels of municipal organizational management. This makes the Government more open and transparent and, in turn, has a more efficient management of the services provided to the citizen.

You will be able to focus your services on the citizen.


Viendo y escuchando

Seeing and hearing

Inform in real time and involve your citizens in decision-making



You can analyze, compare and decide on their human and environmental needs

Actúa y crece

Work and Grow

Make decisions and prioritize the digital and energy solutions that must be implemented at all times in the most sustainable way



Areas of application for Smart Cities.

Smart Mobility.

Smart Mobility

Improve the efficiency of means of transport.

Smart Enviroment.

Smart Enviroment

Optimize natural resources and protect the environment.

Smart Governance.

Smart Governance

It offers more efficient digital systems for citizens.

Smart Economy.

Smart Economy

Boost the innovation and development of your city.

Smart Living.

Smart Living

Smart Home to improve home care.

Smart People.

Smart People

Citizen participation as an intelligent sensor.

An interrelated whole.

The various applications that form FIWOO will be interrelated through a global treatment, control and monitoring.

  • Open Data

  • Inform in real time and involve your citizens in decision-making.

  • Smart Tourist

  • Your city will become a center of tourist attraction.

  • Effective democracy

  • Citizen intervention in the City Government.

… Plus

  • FIWOO is scalable, follows all standards set by CTN 175 and does not force cities to have a single supplier.

  • It uses FIWARE family and universal technology, backed by an immense community of companies and developers.

  • It is offered in SaaS mode, Cloud, On premise, and any possible variant.

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