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FIWOO proposes a new form of agricultural management, without silos and without limits, improving productivity thanks to the combination of IoT, satellite information and Artificial Intelligence that transforms data into information for improved decision making.

fiwoo agro
fiwoo agro

Transform your crops.

FIWOO offers farmers and agrotech companies a unique tool, capable of displaying accurate and real-time information on their crops and obtaining recommendations on the actions they need to take to improve crop yields and production, evolving towards sustainable agriculture.

Digitize to analyze and optimize your production.

Artificial Intelligence.

FIWOO collects data from agronomic sensors, satellite images, external meteorological and hydrological information. And through its specifically created Artificial Intelligence systems, it manages to obtain the best information from the data and offer the best recommendations to experts and farmers.

Machine Learning.

Data from sensors, satellite images, meteorological and hydrological information is aggregated by FIWOO through its Business Analytics system, which applies state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence algorithms to obtain the most accurate information possible on crop condition.


Smart Agri Projects.

FIWOO participates in the Smart Agro projects MONICA, SAMA and AGRARIA. In these projects, the research of new Machine Learning models for the treatment of agronomic information is being carried out.  In all three projects, FIWOO is used as the base platform where Smart Agri functionalities are developed.


The MoniCa project contributes to meeting the challenge of sustainable agriculture through the development of a system for monitoring the state of all extensive herbaceous crops in the province of Cadiz.


The SAMA task force aims to develop a platform that offers agro-monitoring services based on IoT, Artificial Intelligence and the assimilation of satellite data, Open Data in situ, for the rice cultivation of the Seville Rice Growers Federation, which covers large areas in the agricultural regions of the Marismas de Sevilla and La Janda in Cadiz.


The AgrarIA project was born with the ambitious objective of investigating the applicability and viability of Artificial Intelligence together with other technologies related to Industry 4.0 in real solutions to define new methods of agricultural production that will result in the future Spanish agri-food sector to be more technological, innovative, sustainable and committed to energy efficiency and the reduction of the carbon footprint.

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