IoT Industrial

Build the future.

Your IoT Industrial data like you have never seen before.

FIWOO allows you to access, analyze and act on the data that your business brings and provides you the right tools to extract value. Improve production, reduce downtime, decrease service costs to your customers and get an holistic and unified vision of your company.

Transform your business.

To the IoT Industrial. Turn your Industry into Smart.

  • Process

  • Manage, monitor and control the IoT devices of your business.

    Define connection between them, assets, customers and any other entity.

  • Analyze

  • Analysis and visualization of your data in integrated widgets and fully customizable dashboards. Predict your results to get the most of your industry.

  • Take decisions

  • Define rules for processing data. Generate alarms in events. Understand devices behaviour. Identify patterns and focus on generating statics faster than the competition.

Know the real benefits of IoT Industrial

Acquire a new demand potential for

digital transformation of your business.

Reduce los costes de logística

Reduce logistic costs

Integrates supply chains and raw materials to have more control over orders form suppliers.

Mejora la gestión de tu stock

Improve your stock management

Prediction tools based on costumer profiles to adjust the stock required in each moment.

Compara las plantas

Compare plants.

Get comparisons between plants, equipments, turns and lines and start to introduce solutions.

Supervisión en tiempo real

Monitoring in real-time

Understand the context of remote monitoring of your business and extract data and value.

Agilidad ante imprevistos

Unforeseen agility

Reduce the negative impact caused by unforenseen events that may be produced in your business.

Aumenta la capacidad de producción

Increase production capacity

As a consequence of a greater efficiency in control and monitoring.


Flexinfood .

Industry 4.0 for the agri-food value chain.

A new model of food manufacturing and integration of the agri-food value chain based on IoT, highly flexible, efficient, sustainable and quick to respond to market changes through the generation of an integrated ecosystem of autonomous, adaptive and predictable digital technologies.

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Emergya is an international company which offers a wide variety of professional services, products and solutions around information technologies, digital strategies and cloud technologies.


Our main objective is to guide and drive our clients throughout their way of transformation and digital evolution, from the implementation of IT solutions and services to the outset of strategies to optimize their online business model.


Our strength remains in the combination of a strong business mentality, first class teams of consultants and engineers and a firm guarantee to the needs and objectives of our client.

Secmotic is a company specialized in the integral development of innovative solutions that help the digital transformation of cities, industries and businesses through the Internet of things and data analysis.


Secmotic offers flexible IT services and products to solve the great technological challenges of our customers. We offer full support throughout the software development cycle, including the design, implementation, integration of systems and maintenance services.

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