Citizen participation

Citizen participation in the town hall of La Rinconada

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La Rinconada. Municipality of almost 40,000 inhabitants. Year 2015. These data put in context the location of this success case. The city council of La Rinconada (Seville) decides for a strategy oriented to the field of Smart Cities. And one of its first actions is focused on citizen participation in its consistory.

Will you stay to discover this case developed by FIWOO for the city council of La Rinconada?

What is this project about?.

In this success story, an online platform and a mobile app for citizen participation were developed for the management and resolution of incidents.

  • Incident notification.

    • Citizen App
    • Operators online platform
  • Incident management and follow-up.

    • Assignment of priorities
    • Resource allocation
    • Incident identification QR code via mobile app.
  • Documentary management.

    • Work Reports
    • Document Reports

Citizens will also be able to notify the city council of any aspect to be improved in their municipality through their app. Through a geolocation system, the City Council will be informed of this problem in real time. And the municipality itself will be responsible for managing the solution of this problem with its own resources or workers or through external companies.

FIWOO’s role in this solution.

FIWOO has a balanced scorecard that allows the monitoring of objectives in a systematic way, involving all levels of municipal organizational management. This allows the government to be more open and transparent and to have, in turn, a more efficient management of the services provided to the citizen.

Participación ciudadana

Smart Governance: Citizen participation in decision making.

The modernization of its local administration and its access to municipal services has meant that in this period of time it has gone from a traditional municipality to a smart municipality or even classified as a Smart City.

In this way and at this early stage of its evolution as a Smart City, citizens have direct access to their City Council and its managers.

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