Smart Cities Spain 2020

Discover the Top 5 of Smart Cities Spain 2020

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Spain is one of the most active countries in terms of technological development and Big Data among their cities. Today we would like to these innovative projects and discover the Top 5 Smart Cities Spain 2020. Before we start explaining which are the cities and their projects we are going to propose you a game. You will have to choose the 5 cities you think.

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Top 5 of Smart Cities Spain 2020

According to the IESE Business School University of Navarra and its index called Cities In Motion, we can find the Top 5 of Smart City Spain 2020.

Madrid Smart City

We have to go to the 24th place to find the first of the Spanish city. Madrid stand out as priority areas housing, satisfactory work, air polution, security and unemployment. But they perceive a good functioning of basic sanitation in the most humble areas, recycling service, public transport, cultural activities and job search services.

Smart Cities Spain 2020

Barcelona Smart City

Really close to Madrid, Barcelona appears with almost the same score. They agree on the points to be improved and are also satisfied with the state of basic sanitation, recycling services, cultural activities and employment, with the addition of access to good schools and green areas.

Smart Cities Spain 2020

Valencia Smart City

Valencia City Council has set out to turn the city into a comfortable, efficient and sustainable urban space, through intelligent technologies and processes. Here you can find more info about the projects.

Smart Cities Spain 2020

Sevilla Smart City

Seville is veteran of the intelligent city concept, with projects that are already a reality such as mobile applications in municipal transport and public bicycles for rent. Other projects are being developed such as the “Horizonte Sevilla Inteligente: la inteligencia de la ciudad al servicio de los objetivos de desarrollo sostenible”. 274 buildings will be monitored through different devices and thus it will be possible to measure their energy and water consumption, the waste from their containers, the temperature, humidity and the air quality or people count, among other parameters.

Smart Cities Spain 2020

Málaga Smart City

The Smart City Platform stands out with open data and real-time information, designed so that citizens can, from their mobile phone and in real time, view all kinds of information on municipal resources. Another project is aimed at Administration 4.0 and total paperless management. 

Smart Cities Spain 2020

How many cities did you get right? We are always happy to receive your ideas, comments and opinions!

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