The importance of using FIWARE

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The three markets or “flavors” as we like to call them in FIWOO have one thing in common: FIWARE. To implement any Smart Project, it is necessary to have an infrastructure that supports it.

Having standard APIs – so that applications can easily communicate with other programs and devices – is crucial in today’s digital world. Common standards for APIs and data models are at the heart of platforms and digital infrastructures, enabling the interoperability and portability of solutions.

In order to successfully make it into the market today, new smart services and solutions must be able to securely communicate with other services and devices, traversing a multitude of infrastructures and systems. This is where FIWARE comes in. 

Today we want to address the questions about this curated framework of open source platform components, why FIWOO is based on FIWARE, the role it plays, and the benefits.

A brief introduction of FIWARE

FIWARE is an open source community made up of end-users, developers, and many other relevant actors that drive the development of smart solutions in a faster, easier, interoperable, and affordable way that avoids vendor lock-in scenarios.

Companies and startups around the world develop their products and solutions based on FIWARE technologies, which offers companies an unprecedented curated framework of open source platform components to accelerate the development of smart solutions. Though other platforms may also be open, and even open source, they are not backed by a strong developer community, nor do they have the collaboration framework offered by FIWARE. 

FIWARE Foundation does that with the support of a growing global community that shares the vision and efforts of making FIWARE open source technology the best instrument for industries, governments, universities, and associations to reach their full potential and scale up their activities to enter new markets and grow their businesses. As a result, end customers are ensured that they obtain the most up-to-date, globally recognized technology, thereby staying ahead of the curve and away from vendor lock-in. 

Widespread around the world…

Over 140 cities are already using the technology and FIWARE has 15 iHubs active worldwide. FIWARE iHubs focuses on building communities that will, in turn, enable local digital businesses to thrive not only at a regional but global level. They support companies, cities and developers in their innovation and digitalisation journey by offering easy access to open source technologies, business development support and community building. 

In addition, FIWARE has established strategic partnerships with important organizations such as GSMA, TM Forum, Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), and the European Standards institution ETSI, in charge of standardization within the Smart Cities, between others.

In fact, ETSI proposes the NGSI-LD specification used by the FIWARE component set as the standard for context information management (the key component for the development of Smart Solutions).

This is why FIWARE has become the defacto standard for the development of Smart Applications and the digitalization of both cities and industry

The Open Source Platform for Our Smart Digital Future

  • Driving key standards for breaking the information silos
  • Making IoT simpler
  • Transforming Big Data into knowledge
  • Unleashing the potential of right-time Open Data
  • Enabling the Data Economy
  • Ensuring sovereignty on your data

FIWOO focus on three “flavours”

FIWOO is the open IoT platform for Smart Cities, Industries and Ports based on data for applications and services of the IoE developed by Emergya and Secmotic and endorsed by the European Union under the FIWARE standard.

Smart Cities

FIWOO is the Smart Cities platform of citizen-centric services that offers a complete easy-to-use software and hardware product. This way, managers can obtain a global and integrated vision of their city, improving citizens’ quality of life and reducing environmental impact.

IoT Industrial

FIWOO allows you to access, analyze and act on the data that your business brings and provides you with the right tools to extract value. Improve production, reduce downtime, decrease service costs to your customers and get a holistic and unified vision of your company.

Smart Ports

Also it helps you to transform your port into the port of the future: connected, intelligent, safe, green and integrated into the city, gathering and managing data of the different agents and port activities.

Benefits of using FIWARE in FIWOO

Using FIWARE in FIWOO provides significant advantages while developing and implementing:

  1. Scalability: FIWOO offers the possibility to deploy different services with capacities adapted to the needs of each city or territory, as well as to easily integrate new services once it is operational.
  2. Interoperability: FIWOO is highly interoperable thanks to the use of FIWARE technology and open standards. In particular, thanks to the use of FIWARE IoT Agents, it allows the connection of devices through different IoT protocols (Ultralight 2.0, MQTT, OMA LWM2M / CoAP over M2M networks, etc.) via WiFi, 3G, Wimax or any data network connected to the Internet.
  3. Resilience: The architecture based on services and clusters of micro-services also gives the system great robustness, providing it with high availability. The system is implemented on different software instances and physical (hardware) locations.
  4. Open Source: It is entirely based on and developed using open source technologies and open standards, which means that it can be operated, maintained and evolved with complete freedom and without restrictions.
  5. Security: FIWOO implements different security measures depending on the layer being worked on. In the lower layers (acquisition and capture), communications between the IoT devices and the platform are carried out using standard protocols and through the IoT Agents, making use of end-to-end encryption between the devices and the cloud infrastructure.

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