We successfully completed the work for the Fiware Foundation

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We are in luck!

From Emergya we want to share with you that we have successfully completed the work done in the Pull Request by Perseo Core and Perseo Fe and we are already official contributors of the FIWARE Foundation within the FiQare Project.

FIWOO benefits from all research work that both companies are carrying out with the Fiware Foundation QA team. Projects like fiQare makes us be at the forefront of Fiware R&D, testing new features and delving into such critical aspects as safety on IoT platforms. Our team progressively incorporate the results of R&D projects into the FIWOO roadmap, making our platform one of the most advanced on the market.


Our fiQare project has as its main objective, among others, to improve the Generic Enablers (GE), which form the architecture of FIWARE based on the research work that we have carried out over the last two years. On the one hand, the study of ISO 25010, reviewing each of its eight axes, selection of a set of tools to measure Quality and Safety on these axes, and carry out a process of analyses of rules and good practises for that tools and axes.

With the above analysis, two official FIWARE Foundation GEs have been selected, and have been improved the code from the consortium where we are. We have managed to be official committer by accepting Pull Request on the Generic Enablers Perseo Core and Perseo Fe.

Our contribution has been successfully merited to the master’s branch and is now available to the entire community. This and others innovation projects make us stand out within the IoT platforms market, with unique features that make FIWOO a very secure and advanced platform.

Want to know more about our fiQare project? Click here.

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