Users Management

Working with Users Management in FIWOO

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Users management is one of the highest level resource in FIWOO. Applications and dashboards related to your business must be assigned to an user or an organization (within which users can be members).

Find out how users are managed within an organization in our IoT Platform.

Users management in FIWOO.

Getting started guide.

This video tutorial will give you a brief introduction to the FIWOO IoT Platform and to help you understand and start working with this powerful tool.

Add a user.

In a simple, comfortable and interactive way, add a user to our FIWOO IoT platform. If you want to edit or view your information, once your user is created, access click your user icon and select “Ver Perfil”. You will be redirected to the Profile tab.


Create a user group.

Create your user group to manage and get an overview of your organization.

Add a role.

Introduction guide on how to add roles to give specific permissions on our platform. In this video tutorial you will see the basic operations to create user entities and simple IoT applications that allow users to see the selected dashboards or devices.

Next steps.

FIWOO YouTube Channel provides useful videos tutorials to discover our powerful IoT Platform or you can access here to them.

Contact with us.

Do you want to find out more about our platform? If you’d like more information, you can request a demo or more information by contacting us via email or by sending the following form:

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