Smart Tourism Destination

FIWOO will drive the transformation of Pontevedra into a Smart Tourism Destination

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Emergya Grupo with our FIWOO platform has been the successful bidder of this initiative “Tourist Inside Rías Baixas de la Diputación de Pontevedra”, an action promoted by within the National Plan of Smart Territories. In collaboration with the Pontevedra Provincial Council, launched a tender to transform the province into a Smart Tourism Destination through ICT and digitalisation.

This project means that the alliance between the companies Emergya Grupo, Secmotic and Woover is gaining strength and consolidating its position in the national Smart Cities panorama.

Smart Tourism Destination in the Pontevedra Provincial Council.

The project aims to advance the digitalization of tourism in the province of Pontevedra. Likewise, this Smart Tourism Destination (DTI) initiative will improve the energy and environmental sustainability of tourism activity and promote transparent and universal access to public data on services by citizens, as well as visitors, professionals and companies, through the establishment of different metrics and measurement indicators.

Therefore, and through the use of ICT and digital tools, the digital transformation of management will be promoted. Consequently, an initiative that will adapt the offer to the needs of travellers and tour operators.

FIWOO’s role in this project.

FIWOO, the first IoT-Editor platform on the market and product developed by Emergya Grupo and Secmotic will be the central element. That is, it will be a single system where the different data sources that will make up the Smart Tourism Destination platform will be integrated.

In turn, FIWOO is the first piece of the puzzle and the first component of this Project. In this entry we will also describe the rest of the components that will be developed and integrated over the next two years:

Smart Tourism Destination Platform (C1).

Our FIWOO Platform explained in the previous point.

Visitor Reception Centre and Tourist Offices (C2).

This centre will provide tourists with a unique visit through immersive spaces of different places and experiences in the province of Pontevedra. Also, in this centre tourists will be able to interact directly with different devices.

Content Manager (C3).

This component will serve as an administration service for the digital contents generated during the Project, as well as those belonging to the Provincial Council and used in the Platform. The contents of the web portal and the mobile application will also be stored here.

Interactive totems (C4).

They will provide information on the tourist attractions of the province, acting as a link between the Provincial Council, citizens and tourists.

Interactive map (C5).

Tourists and/or citizens will have at their disposal an interactive map that will be continuously displayed on the interactive table in the visitor reception centre and will also be accessible from the mobile application and the web portal.

Generation of digital content and immersive technology (C6).

This component refers to the generation of virtual reality digital content, virtual tours, audio-guides and video-guides, related to tourist resources, which provide citizens and visitors with information of tourist interest. Therefore, the aim is for this content to be dynamic, attractive and adapted to the visitor’s profile.

Mobile application (C7).

Development and implementation of a tourist mobile application that provides tourists with information or activities to carry out in the tourist destination.

Smart Waste Management (C8).

A system capable of measuring the filling capacity of litter bins will be implemented as part of the Smart Beach pilot project at Nigrán Town Council’s Playa América beach. Efficiency in the cleaning and management of litter bins in the area.

Control and monitoring of beaches (C9).

A solution will also be implemented at Nigrán Town Council’s Playa América beach to monitor the influx of people to the beach areas, as well as real-time monitoring of the number of people on the beach and water consumption. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution (C10).

This solution will enable the collection of information from both individuals and organisations. In this way, it will focus on collecting activity in order to later evaluate and measure different indicators. Based on all this information, decisions will be taken to improve the level of satisfaction of citizens, companies and visitors with the services provided by the Provincial Council.

Evolution of software systems (C11).

An upgrade and a set of functional improvements will be carried out for the current web portal and for the Tourism Resources Management System (SXRT). 

Intelligent tourist signage system (C12).

Implementation of a signage system using beacons that will display tourist and cultural information to visitors at a number of sites of special interest to provide a better tourist experience.

Weather stations (C13).

Meteorological station that will provide information on the weather conditions at Playa América in Nigrán Town Council. Monitoring, measurement and data collection are part of this new service.

Analysis of social networks (C14).

Through this last component it will be possible to know the tourist behaviour and the satisfaction of the visitors through the information obtained in social networks and linked websites.

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