FIWARE Summit in Vienna

FIWARE Summit in Vienna: Smart Solutions for a Better World

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Here we go! FIWARE Summit is in Vienna and Secmotic will be there. An annual event that brings together developers, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders to discuss the latest trends and developments in the field of smart technologies. The 2022 edition of the summit was held in Gran Canaria, Spain and it was a huge success.

The three-day event featured a packed schedule of keynote speeches, panel discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities, all focused on the theme of “Smart Solutions for a Better World”. Attendees had the chance to learn about the latest innovations in areas such as smart cities, agriculture, industry 4.0, and health, as well as to engage with experts from around the world.

The opening ceremony kicked off with a welcome address from the Mayor of Vienna, who emphasized the importance of smart technologies in creating sustainable and livable cities. This was followed by a keynote speech from the CEO of FIWARE Foundation, who outlined the organization’s vision for the future of smart technologies and the role of the FIWARE platform in driving innovation.

“Smart Cities and the Future of Urban Living”.

One of the highlights of the summit was the panel discussion on “Smart Cities and the Future of Urban Living”, which featured experts from both the public and private sectors. The panelists discussed the challenges and opportunities of building smart cities, and the role of technology in improving the quality of life for urban residents. They also shared insights on how cities can leverage data to improve decision-making and create more efficient and sustainable urban environments.

Beyond Smart Cities: connecting geographies, sectors and platforms.

FIWOO’s CEO, Carlos Corrales, will be giving a talk on the Smart Tourism Destination, a solution provided for our partner Proxya for the Deputación de Pontevedra. Titled “Beyond smart cities,” the talk will explore the ongoing activities and solutions related to connecting geographical spaces, sectors, and platforms. The aim is to address public and citizen challenges through technology-based solutions, fostering partnerships among various stakeholders. This collaborative approach allows for the emergence of innovative pathways to problem-solving that were previously unexplored.

The talk will draw examples from the tourism industry and smart destinations, showcasing the additional value created by the organizations represented by the panelists. Some examples to be discussed include the connection of tourism solutions between Italy and the Principality of Monaco, how Al Madinah (MRDA) is enhancing tourist satisfaction by leveraging technology throughout the entire travel journey, and successful transformations of provinces or islands into Smart Tourism Destinations (STD).

More topics, more technology.

Another key topic of discussion at the summit was agriculture and food systems. A panel discussion on Smart Agriculture and the Future of Food brought together experts from the agriculture and technology sectors to discuss the potential of smart technologies in improving the efficiency and sustainability of food production. They also explored how new technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence can be used to create more transparent and traceable food supply chains.

Industry 4.0 was another focus area of the summit, with a panel discussion on “Digital Transformation in Industry”. The panelists discussed the challenges and opportunities of adopting smart technologies in industrial settings, and how they can help businesses become more competitive and efficient. They also explored the potential of technologies such as the internet of things, robotics, and big data in transforming traditional industries.

Health was also a key topic at the summit, with a panel discussion on “Smart Health for All”. The panelists discussed the potential of smart technologies in improving access to healthcare and reducing healthcare costs, as well as the ethical considerations involved in collecting and using health data.

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In addition to the panel discussions, the summit also featured several workshops and hands-on sessions where attendees could learn about the latest developments in smart technologies and how to use the FIWARE platform to build innovative solutions. There were also several networking events, including a gala dinner and a startup showcase, where attendees could connect with other like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs.

Overall, the 2023 FIWARE Summit in Vienna was a highly informative and engaging event, showcasing the latest developments in smart technologies and bringing together experts from around the world to discuss how these technologies can be used to create a better future for all. The summit demonstrated the potential of the FIWARE platform in driving innovation and helping businesses and governments to create smarter, more sustainable and more livable cities.

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